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out adj
1 not allowed to continue to bat or run; "he was tagged out at second on a close play"; "he fanned out" [syn: out(p), retired] [ant: safe(p)]
2 of a fire; being out or having grown cold; "threw his extinct cigarette into the stream"; "the fire is out" [syn: extinct, out(p)]
3 not worth considering as a possibility; "a picnic is out because of the weather" [syn: out(p)]
4 out of power; especially having been unsuccessful in an election; "now the Democrats are out" [syn: out(a)]
5 excluded from use or mention; "forbidden fruit"; "in our house dancing and playing cards were out"; "a taboo subject" [syn: forbidden, out(p), prohibited, proscribed, taboo, tabu, verboten]
6 directed outward or serving to direct something outward; "the out doorway"; "the out basket" [syn: out(a)]
7 no longer fashionable; "that style is out these days"
8 outside or external; "the out surface of a ship's hull" [syn: out(a)]
9 outer or outlying; "the out islands"
10 knocked unconscious by a heavy blow [syn: knocked out(p), kayoed, KO'd, out(p), stunned] n : (baseball) a failure by a batter or runner to reach a base safely in baseball; "you only get 3 outs per inning" adv
1 outside of an enclosed space; "she is out" [ant: in]
2 outward from a reference point; "he kicked his legs out"
3 away from home; "they went out last night"
4 from one's possession; "he gave out money to the poor"; "gave away the tickets" [syn: away]


1 to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality; "This actor outed last year" [syn: come out of the closet, come out]
2 reveal somebody else's homosexuality; "This actor was outed last week"
3 be made known; be disclosed or revealed; "The truth will out" [syn: come out]

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  • /aʊt/, /aUt/
  • Rhymes with: -aʊt


  1. Away from home, not indoors.
    Let's eat out tonight
  2. Away from; at a distance.
    Keep out!
  3. Away from the inside or the centre.
    The magician pulled the rabbit out of the hat.
  4. Into a state of non-operation; into non-existence.
    Switch the lights out.
    Put the fire out.
  5. Used to intensify or emphasize.
    The place was all decked out for the holidays.


  1. Away from the inside.
    He threw it out the door.
  2. Away from the center.


  • Albanian: jashtë
  • Arabic: (xārij)
  • Basque: at, kanpo
  • Catalan: fora
  • Chinese: 外头 (wàitou)
  • Croatian: van
  • Czech: ven
  • Dutch: uit
  • Esperanto: eksteren
  • Finnish: ulkona, ulos
  • French: hors
  • German: heraus, hinaus
  • Greek: έξω (1 ,3)
  • Hebrew: חוץ (khutz), בחוץ (bakhutz)
  • Hungarian: kint (outside), kinn (outside), ki (motion)
  • Indonesian: keluar
  • Irish: amach (direction, the transition from in to out), amuigh (the state of being out)
  • Italian: fuori
  • Japanese: 外へ (そとへ, soto e)
  • Korean: 밖으로 (bakkeuro)
  • Latin: ē, ex
  • Norwegian: ut (direction, the transition from in to out), ute (the state of being out)
  • Piemontese: fora
  • Portuguese: fora, exterior, externo
  • Romanian: afară
  • Romansch: ord
  • Russian: из (iz)
  • Scots: oot
  • Slovak: von
  • Slovene: ven (direction, the transition from in to out), zunaj (the state of being out)
  • Spanish: fuera
  • Swedish: ut (direction, the transition from in to out), ute (the state of being out)
In many languages there is no direct translation, as the idea expressed by the English adverb is expressed by a prefix in many languages. German is somewhat half way in-between as it uses a prefix in the infinitive of its verbs, but often, though not always, separates the prefix into the same form as the English adverb when conjugating them.
  • Dutch: usually expressed by the prefix uit-
  • Esperanto: usually expressed by the prefix el- and/or preposition el (1), ekstere (2)
  • Finnish: ablative case (-lta, -ltä) or elative case (-sta, -stä)
  • German: usually expressed by the prefix aus-
  • Hungarian: usually expressed by the prefix ki-
  • Latin: usually expressed by the prefix ex-
  • Russian: вы-
  • Slovak: usually expressed by the prefix vy- or sometimes z-
  • Swedish: sometimes expressed by the prefix ut-. In some cases considered somewhat formal.


  1. A means of exit, escape, reprieve, etc.
    They wrote the law to give those organizations an out.
  2. A state in which a member of the batting team is removed from play because the defending team threw the baseball past the batter three times in the strike zone, fielded a ball hit in the air, or fielded a ball hit to the ground and moved the ball to a defender blocking the runner's ability to move from base to base.
  3. A card which can make a hand a winner.


means of exit
  • Finnish: ulospääsytie
removal from play in baseball
  • Finnish: palo
  • Slovak: out (pronounced the English way)


  1. To declare a person to be a homosexual, especially one who is reluctant for this information to be made public.
  2. To declare a personal secret belonging to another person.




  1. Not at home.
    Leave a message for me if I'm out when you call.
  2. In the context of "cricket|baseball": Of a player, disqualified from playing further by some action of a member of the opposing team (such as being stumped in cricket).
  3. Openly acknowledging one's homosexuality.




not at home
  • Finnish: poissa, ulkona
cricket, baseball: disqualified from playing further in an inning
  • Finnish: palanut
openly acknowledging one's homosexuality

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Out may refer to:


Terms used in sports and recreation

  • Out (baseball), play which retires the batter or a base runner
  • Out (cricket), the loss of a wicket by a batsman; also known as "dismissal"
  • Out (poker), unseen card which is expected to win a hand, if drawn

Media outlets and terms pertaining to (basically) homosexual culture

  • Coming out or coming out of the closet, publicly revealing one's own homosexuality
  • Outing, publicly revealing someone else's homosexuality
  • Out (magazine), American publication aimed at a homosexual readership
  • Out (website), community website for gay men and women around the world

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abandoned, aberrant, abjured, abroad, absurd, adrift, alibi, all abroad, all off, all wrong, aloud, amiss, antiquated, antique, apparent, apparently, appear, archaic, askew, asleep, astray, at a loss, at fault, audibly, avenue, away, away from, awry, be revealed, become known, beside the mark, blind, blind drunk, blotto, blow out, blowhole, break forth, cataleptic, catatonic, channel, choke, chute, clearly, cold, comatose, come out, come to light, contrasting, cop-out, corrupt, cortical, counter, curious, damp, dated, dead, dead asleep, debouch, deceptive, deep asleep, defective, delusive, deserted, deviant, deviational, deviative, different, disarranged, discontinued, disjointed, dislocated, disparate, displaced, dissimilar, distinctly, distorted, disused, divergent, diverse, done with, door, doped, dormant, douse, drugged, eccentric, egress, emunctory, epidermic, errant, erring, erroneous, escape, estuary, ex, excuse, exhaust, exit, exomorphic, exterior, exteriorly, external, externally, extinct, extinguish, extinguished, extrinsic, fallacious, false, fast asleep, faultful, faulty, flaked-out, flawed, floodgate, flume, forth, freaked out, freaky, fringe, from, funny, get out, gone out, gone-by, half-conscious, hardly like, helpless, hence, heretical, heterodox, illogical, illusory, in the red, kooky, lame excuse, leak out, likely story, loophole, manifest itself, narcotized, nirvanic, nonuniform, not right, not true, not worth saving, oblivious, obsolescent, obsolete, odd, oddball, off, off the track, off the wall, offbeat, old, old-fashioned, on the outside, on the shelf, on the surface, open, opening, openly, out cold, out loud, out of, out of doors, out of gear, out of it, out of joint, out of pocket, out of style, out of use, out-of-date, outcome, outdated, outer, outermost, outfall, outgate, outgo, outlandish, outlet, outlying, outmoded, outmost, outside, outstanding, outward, outward-facing, outwardly, outwards, outworn, overcome, paralyzed, passe, passed out, passing strange, past, past use, peccant, peculiar, pensioned off, peripheral, perverse, perverted, plainly, poor excuse, pore, port, public, publically, put out, quaint, queer, quench, quenched, relinquished, renounced, resigned, retired, roundabout, run out, sally port, scarcely like, seeming, self-contradictory, semiconscious, senseless, show its colors, show its face, singular, slack, sleeping, sluice, slumbering, smother, snuff, snuff out, snuffed, sound asleep, spaced out, spiracle, spout, stamp out, stand revealed, steal a march, stiff, stifle, stoned, strange, straying, strung out, superannuate, superannuated, superficial, superficially, superseded, surface, tap, thence, therefrom, thereof, to all appearances, to the bad, transpire, unalike, unconscious, under the table, unearthly, unfactual, unhinged, unidentical, unjointed, unlike, unmatched, unorthodox, unprofitably, unproved, unresembling, unsame, unsimilar, untrue, vent, ventage, venthole, vomitory, way out, weir, weird, whence, wide, without, wondrous strange, worn-out, wrong, zonked, zonked out
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